This River

by Amy Soucy

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"This River" is timeless, poetic songwriting exploring what it means to be human. From the lilting singalong "Little Wooden Boat," to the folk-rock climate change anthem "Last Days" and the bluegrass homage "Old Crows," to the folky heartbreak of "Winter Man" and "Around the Bend," Amy's comforting voice — at once precious, powerful and poised — assures us everything will work out in the end.

"Right from the first note, this project is a stunner, with Amy's powerful and angelic voice at the very center shining brightly. If I had to describe this record with only one word, the word would be ENCHANTING!"
— Sloan Wainwright

"It a knockout!"
- Dick Hageman, WMNR FM, CT


released June 6, 2015

Produced by Stephen Murphy
Co-produced by Amy Soucy
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Mark Dann
©2015 Amy Soucy



all rights reserved


Amy Soucy New York, New York

Gifted with a versatile, powerful and fluid voice, Amy Soucy grew up in a musical family and began singing and performing at an early age. Compelled to express the longings of the human heart through voice and song, Amy has performed, recorded, written & harmonized with a wide variety of artists. Her debut CD, "This River," was released in June 2015. ... more

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Track Name: Little Wooden Boat
Here goes my Little wooden boat
over the deep dark sea
Gotta get across
You were meant for me

And though I'm all alone
Sea is gettin' rough
Though I'm always told
I am not enough

I'm gonna make my dreams come true
I'm gonna make my dreams come true

The sky is lookin grim
The anchor's been lost
I will reach you still
Though I'm tempest tossed

And when I feel this lost,
And the horizon never ends
Days so desolate
I'll remember then


Well I've been lost and lonely
ridin out these waves
But I can see the perfect skies
Shinin through the haze


We're all just tiny human beings
Doomed to sail a restless sea
We can sail on suffering
Or set our sorrows free

We're gonna make our dreams come true
We're gonna make our dreams come true...
Track Name: Old Crows
Old crows fly home on a Sunday
Dark wings wide
Down here gets a little lonely
While I watch, while I wait
as they fly

when winter blows its ragged breath
and shards of you are all that's left
then spring comes down on a great wide wing
the trees make sound
the crows will sing

Old crows fly home on a Sunday...

when summer shines your footprints fade
but where you've gone its hard to say
when autumn leaves, the shifting skies
mean now its time
to say goodbye

Old crows fly home on a Sunday
Dark wings wide
Down here gets a little lonely
While I watch, while I wait
While I watch, while I wait
While I watch, while I wait
As they fly...
Track Name: Winter Man
Winter Man, like a trembling leaf
Blew in from the north one August week
He had eyes like razors hands of earth
Singing songs I'd never heard before

He sang about his leaving and second chances lost
I could hear the heartache in his song
I was drawn to the wreckage, I could not resist 
A call that I'd been hearing for so long

When he sang, it was clear
Day heard night's siren call
And knew as she was rising 
She would fall 

Among the yellow birches, on tracks above your town 
Orion hovered aiming for our hearts
We sang every song we knew, verses and refrain
Voices rose above the wind and then softly fell apart 

On bones and stones we took your town by storm 
Plans were made and open roads appeared
We went walking backward to see the tracks we laid 
There we met the shadows that we feared

But when we sang there was hope 
Sun felt moon's lonely call
And knew as they were rising 
They would fall

Beyond the trouble here
Beyond the hope and fear 
When the swallows learn to fly 
We will sing a soft goodbye  
Beyond these shadows all our tears will dry 

Winter Man disappeared just before the thaw
Rivers raged beneath the frozen ground 
Little leaf I let you go, grateful now I know,
That sometimes being lost is better off than being found

And oh Winter Man you were right
Oh my dear, you said it all
That everything that rises must fall
Track Name: Last Days
These are the last days, a storm’s blowin’ in
Earth shakes her back, she warns us again
High on a hillside, a tree stands all alone
Looking out over miles of wire and cities of stone 

Now it's rations of hope
We hold in our pockets like a last hit of dope
Out of a dark sky a lonely eagle flies
There’s nowhere to land. She doesn’t ask why

Oh we could be children in the garden
We could be waves inside the wind 
But we build our towers higher
And we dig ourselves deeper in

We are running on empty promises,
And hollow kisses on the cheek
We are dealing with the Devil my friends,
But the goods they come so cheap
But we could be
(Oh, what we could be)
Nobody remembers when the tides turned
And no one can tell you why the rivers burned
Or how the seas rose or where to lay the blame
It's just an ocean of suffering… for a thimble of gain

Oh we could build ourselves a paradise
We have the means within our reach
Instead of endless war, and dying whales
Stranded on the beach

We could be children in the garden
We could be rising up in song
We could carry those who cannot stand
And right our every wrong
What we could be, oh
What we could be, oh

When we hand this world over, how will it look?
For those who come after, could we rewrite the book?
The book of our Last Days, it is not carved... in stone
Track Name: Around the Bend
Danny Boy was dancing in the colored light of day

We drove the clouds into the ocean, watched them roll away

I could hear you breathing, and I said a silent grace

suspend me here forever, inside this time and place

And if I'm only dreaming and we cannot scale this wall,

May the ocean raise its arms and catch us where we fall

Across a lonely continent you will hear me call

And I will go on dreaming... love will save us all

Clear cuts broke the tree line and light defined the land

Our shadows folded into one and danced along the sand

The climb was steep and twisted, around another bend

lay the great Pacific, a promise to extend

Let the bees keep buzzing, may the red kite's sway

Lift our vision high enough to see a better way

And if this day must die here, let the memory stay

And let me go on dreaming... love will save the day

Oh underneath a hollow tree, far above the swirl,

Hoping every breath I take will stop

The turnings of this world

Now I go on hoping the messages I send

Ride the rolling surf until they reach you friend

For what is bruised and broken surely wants to mend

And grace it is an ocean just around the bend

And I will go on dreaming

I will go on dreaming... love will save us in the end.
Track Name: This River
When Darkness Calls
And my house on the hill is
Shut up and silent I
Breathe in the chill
And the waiting begins
Like the whole world's at bay
Darkness has promised me
Just one more day

And by day this river bathes me
I never knew that it would save me
from my past

And the light in this place
Is frozen in memory
Where soft sullen lullabies
Drifted in sweetly
And parted the night
With their holy refrain
And you could not promise me
One more day


I am merely passing through here
Hoping with my lonely heart
I believe you look right through me
You don't see me come apart
I believe you can't imagine what I see